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sealing tape people are against to the corona virus

2020 is the special historical year for all over the world .

It happened in Chinese Spring festival , it should be the days for family meeting .It should be lively and joyful everywhere. But silence everywhere instead. It took a long days to recover everything. Thanks our great doctors , nurses , polices and also everyone who stayed at home .

Finally we came back to our factory , and workers started production on 2020.02.21. But we still need to do more. Temperature for our workers everyday , face mask wearing everyday , disinfect factory and dorms everyday ,avoid communicating(we chat instead ).

In past over one month, we finished 20000ctns of bag sealing tape for our customer and sent out as our agreement.

Shenzhen Champion packing hope the corona virus go away from the earth soon . and then we may put off our face mask ,inhale and exhale freely .

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