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Silicone Coated Release Liner

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Silicone Coated Release Liner is incuding :HDPE ,BOPP,PET liner .It is usually used for protection film of hot melt adhesive which stick on express carrier bag seal .It is lower cost than use permanent bag sealing tape.But before you should have a coating hot melt adhesive machine first .



Siliconed Coated Release Liner

Siliconed Release Liner (another named:siliconed release film ) is used for protecting the hot melt which coated on HDPE carrier plastic bag seal,instead of permannent bag sealing tape ,this way is more lower cost.But the carrier plastic bag manufacturers have to invite more to buy another machines to coat hot melt .Silicone coated release liner is just as semi-finished products for us who is resealable sealing tape it must be the best quality.Champion packing is the proffessional silicone release liners manufacturers  which mainly produce resealable sealing tape,permanent bag sealing tape and siliconed release film.our wholesalers are from Europe,South America,North America,Southea Asia. As know for everyone in adhesive tape business , seal king brand is the oldest one who produce resealable sealing tape,seal king supply very high quality resealable bag sealing tape.but the marketing is more and more competitive.more and more plastic bag factory need better price based on good quality .Champion packing supplies the resealable bag sealing tape with high quality and good price ,both are satified with customer , no matter good  quality or good price.

release liner

Silicone Film  -Category

Disguish according to the  film


When your application calls for a high strength release liner,our Polypropylene Release Liners giv  you :

Increased strength due to the biaxial orientation

Didfferent thicknesses to fit your specific needs

Standard clear or opaque white

Standard as well as custom printing …you decide

Metalized anti-static polypropylenes avaible

Flat rolls or longr length spools available


When your paticular application requires a rlease liner with extra strength and durability .we recommend our High Desity Polyethylene Release Liners.High Desity Pollyethylene Release Liner available in :

Diffrenct thicknesses to fulfill all your production requirements

Natural and color-based films available

Silicone coated on one or two sides

Standard and cutom printing avaible

Flat rolls or larger length spools avaible

You can chooose red , blue , transsparent colours.


Silicone Coated release Liners- Quality

Why choose us ?You have following reasons :

1)the perfact proportion of silicone which coating on HDPE/BOPP liner.

2)the silicone is imported USA brand ,the best one ,it cause we have never have complaint on silicone .

Silicone release Liner Suppliers & process

Champion packing is a Release Liner manufacturers which mainly produce resealable bag sealingn tape ,permanent bag sealing tape, siliconed release liner .they are all our mature production.10years experience make us have few complaint from every container .and all this ,thanks the following perfact strict process

  • Film (Liner ) Production and Quality test
  • Printing letter on the film (if in need ) and quality Test
  • Coating silicone on HDPE/BOPP/PAPE  liner  and Quality test
  • Cutting and Quality test
  • Resealable sealing tape production and Quality test
  • Rewind the roll to be the spool (if in need ) and Quality Test
  • package ,and quality people stamp check remark .

1)1Film (Liner ) Production and Quality test

2)Coating silicone on HDPE/BOPP/PAPE  liner  and Quality

3)Cutting and Quality test

4)Package ,and quality people stamp check remark .


Silicone coated release Liners-specification

Silicone coated release Liners is made of Silicone ,and BOPP/HDPE/PEARL  liner .

Silicone coated release Liners is suitable for many kinds of express HDPE plastic is popular used by UPS, DHL,FEDEX,TNT plastic bag,and so on in soft package materials business,it is protecting hot melt very well ,and easier to tear.Resealable bag sealing tape-Technical state:

Siliconed Coated protection Film:HDPE/BOPP/PEARL FILM
Films colour:white /red/blue/yellow
Width of protection film:17mm,25mm,30mm,45mm,50mm
thickness :18mic to 60mic


Storage environment:Dry ,Ventilated
Storage temperature:25

Any more special sizes is customerized.

Release Film-cost performance

There are refferences for you if you wanna know more information about Release Liners business.

Seal king Release Film : As the leader of bag sealing tape, seal king bag sealing tape always have very good reputation in soft package materials at the beginning of 2000, the marketing is competitive day by day,so sellers marketing have been changed to be buyers marketing,because more and more factory for bag sealing tape grown up.more and more customers have to search more competitive price based on good quality ,so that they wont lose the marketing .

Sunking Silicone Release Film : it is a new factory recently years . Lowest price is their features . the products is fiting for Southeast marketing , they are the biggest supplier which sell to India .

Champion Film : the brand is not famous.but the customer who cooperated with them know that , high quality , competitive price , best service is our main features. We are proffessional producing spool bag sealing tape ,and they are mainly selled Europe,America,South America and North America .

Silicone Release Coated Film -package

The Films are be packed in Cartons. 5 layer standard export Carton, it is fit for long term sea and land transportation .


After that , we usually package the cartons on the pallets to protect the carton perfactly .


Release Films-delivery

Lead time :30days for 900ctns after receive deposit .



If need further information for Release Liner , please feel free to contact with Sunrise ,on service 24hours x 5working days .join us , we will be the best team .


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