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Plastic Zippers

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Plastic zipper is for packaging bags,also known as a zip lock or zip seal,is a fastening mechanism used to create an airtight and resealable closure on plastic bags or pouches.



Plastic Zippers

As one of China’s top providers of packaging bags and pouches,Champion packing offers a wide range of customized solutions. Besides bag sealing tape ,we also support resealable plastic zippers ,which is another high quality new type of bag seal .

What is Plastic zipper?

A plastic zipper for packaging bags,also known as a zip lock or zip seal,is a fastening mechanism used to create an airtight and resealable closure on plastic bags or pouches.

Description of Plastic zippers

Champion plastic zippers are manufactured in polyethylene and polypropylene suitable for PE/CPP & OPP films and laminates ranging from 3mm to 40mm in width.

The resealable co-extruded zippers are made ( from advanced polyolefin & speciality polymers to suit various applications, laminates & converting machines to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

Champion packing produce following zippers for plastic bag seal ,all of them are it can be made from different compounds to avail desired strength and softness.

1)String zippers /String zipper/strip zippers

String zipper is without flanges ,

String zippers are applied for side sealed bags from mono-layer/multi-layer PE& PP films .

2) Flange zippers/Flange zipper/single flange zippers

Flange zippers usually means one side single with flange.

Single flange zippers are used for normal medium heavy plastic bags .pouch is SEALED on the flange of the zipper, which is the “CONSUMER SIDE”. The balance zipper remains suspended in the POUCH”product side”. In these type of pouches the pressure of the product comes between zipper & the laminate, hence can withstand pressure to a great extent.

3)Double flange zippers/Double flange zipper (also named double track zippers/double track zipper )

Double flange zipper is having flange on both side of zipper,equal or unequal . double track zippers are used for all normal LOW&MEDIUM Pouch.

4) Slider zippers/Slider zipper


Slider zippers are with or without flange to facilitated sliding or slider .

Slider zipper is used for making SLIDER BAGS & POUCHES from Mono/Multi-layer Films & lamintes. Sliders are then fixed on these zippers which facilitates opening & closing of zipper with sliding of slider , one of our Slider zippers are especially for pet feed bag only/Slider zipper for pet feed bag only.

5) Press lock zippers/Press lock zipper/Press-lock zippers/Press-lock zipper

Champion packing provides the press lock zipper, called press seal or press lock as well,does not have interlocking teeth,instead ,it features a series of small plastic hooks or grooves that create a seal when pressed firmly together.

The applications of press-lock zippers :Side gusset Pouch/block bottom pouch/doy-pack/3-side seal pouch,such as large size pet food bags.

The applications of Plastic zippers:

Child Resistant

Dairy Product

Chemical & Detergent

Nutritional Products

Bakery & Confection


Pet Foods



Dried Fruits & Nuts

Frozen Products


Garment pouches




Besides above zippers , Champion packing also provides Vocal zippers/Vocal zipper Biodegradable zippers , TPU zippers .If you are interested in them , please contact us :





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