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easy tear tape

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Easy Tear Tape

Tear tape,also known as tear strip,pulling tear tape or tear-off ribbon,

is a narrow adhesive tape used to open packaging.  The backing is often a narrow oriented polymer such as polypropylene but other polymers, yarns, and filaments are also used. Many tear tapes use a pressure sensitive adhesive but others have a heat-activated adhesive system.






Tear tape is usually attached to the inner surface of packaging: paper, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard or plastic film. It is used on common non-durable fast-moving consumer goods such as soft drinks, groceries or toiletries, as well as tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars, to aid the opening of the packaging. It is also used in courier envelopes and corrugated boxes. Tear tape serves as an easy opening device for the consumer, where it obviates the need for opening tools such as scissors or knives, or the use of excessive force. Tear tape provides a guide on the tear area, thereby allowing more precise opening which reduces product spillage.

Tear tape enhance the easy opening performance of all packaging materials including flexible packaging,cardboard,and paper addition ,applying the design printing enables use of the tape as a message delivery tool.We ar a developing marketing manufacturer of tear tapes in China.


Tear tape for cardboards/Paper bags called Rippatape

This is the tear tape of self adhesive type utilizing the water-based adhesive. Similar to supastrip , various types of printing are possible .



Tear tape for flexible packaging called supastrip

Tear Tape of self/adhesive and heat seal types

Our tear tape products include the self adhesive type that uses a water-based adhesive and the heat seal type.






It usually is BOPP and glue , PET , OPE material could be acceptable if you need .

Size : 2 mm , 2.5mm , 3mm ,4mm,6mm , 8mm , 10mm ( could be customized)

Lenght : 2000m -10,0000meters

Colour :transparent, red line , golden line, silver line, full golden,full silver ,Customized logo,holographic security,laser printing

Function :Easy tear /security

Size of core : 3’inch and 6’inch

Package :16rolls/ctn ; 24rolls/ctn


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