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How to test bag sealing tape by hand ?

How to test bag sealing tape by hand ?

permanent usage

You have to test bag sealing tape ,and have the correct comments before you decide to use it .Following is the correct procedure to test :


Resealable bag sealing tape

  • Make sure the bag which you are going to stick is right .

Pe resealable sealing tape which is usually used for PP plastic bag seal

PP resealable sealing tape which is usually used for PE plastic bag seal

  • Make the seal is clean , no dirty
  • Stick bag sealing tape  on the seal
  • Tear the siliconed release liner , close the bag .When you tear the liner from the middle , The glue should be stayed on the bag seal very well , if come out , the siliconed coating is bad .
  • Open-close ,Re-open and Re-close several time ,usually at least 10 times .
  • Check the bag , is there any water based glue left on the bag ?If any left ,it is not very good.
  • If the bag is used in low temperature , please tell the bag sealing tape supplier , we will adjust the stickness , and you can test it on low temperature .

Permanent Sealing Tape

When you choose the sample, please remember choose the right one for your carrier bag .

Usually we have 3sizes of permanent carrier bag sealing tape .

12hc for minus thickness 35mic

15hc for between thickness 35-60mic

18hc for above 60mic .

These are the referrences based on the corona treatment pure  hdpe plastic .

1)Check the whole roll ,very plat , no shrinking and no gap for the shape

2)Pull some section to stick on the clean bag seal .

3)make a sideling cut at two edges of bag with tape and bag together .

4)After 5mins ,let the oil glue stick well on the bag seal .

5)Tear the PAPE liner , stick the hot melt side on the another bag side .

6)close the bag , after 3mins , open the bag . The bag should be totally destroyed by the stonge power .

If you have enough time , before batch place , you may buy 1-2boxes for a small trial , it will be the best .

Finally congratualtion , you got what you want .




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