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Why does the HDPE bag sealing tape be used for BOPP bag seal ?Why does the BOPP bag sealing tape be used for HDPE bag seal?

Because Two same materials meet high temperature ,and they will stick together ,when different materials ,they won’t.

How to distinguish right and left glue for resealable ?

Left hand take the resealable tape which still with paper core ,right hand tear the tape ,and glue have to be faced down .at this moment ,see the glue on right ,then right glue ,the glue on left ,then left glue.

How long for the life time of bag sealing tape ?

Life time for the shape of liner :6months

Life time for the tape :12months .

Why do some countries need Antistatic resealable sealing tape ?

Because it is so dry that the workers tear the liner, the liners will stick on the bodies and hands ,it causes low ***,the liner is antistatic ,then won’t happen this situation .

What does brand of silicone we use for coating the liner ?

The silicone is very important for the quality of tape ,so we use the best one -Dow corning which imported from USA .

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