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Corona Virus 1 —-how to wear face mask right ?

How to wear face mask right ?

When outside , wearing a disposable ordinary face mask could be help us away from the dust ,apatter ,so that it eliminates the risk of infection.

So it is very important to wear face mask in right way . Are you kidding me , it is so easy.

Really, When the first I wear the face mask , I found I was wrong ,when I read our expert Nanshan Zhong’s lesson about how to wear . wear it in wrong side , in wrong top and bottom , it is very normal mistake .

So now following steps will show you , And please remember when you go back home ,wash your hand first ,then put off the face mask .


Stay home,wash hand once touch thing , wearing fbreathing mask when out side , no gathering ,keep distance with other people …

If every one following it , corona virus will go away soon.Then we may put off our face mask , to breath freedom !


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