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Bag Sealing Tape


Bag Sealing Tape

Bag Sealing Tape is suited for soft packaging materials ,named self adhesive tape as well. It is composed of water based glue , oil based glue , pet carrier liner , surface film(HDPE/BOPP/PEARLIZED).

Traditional Bag Sealing Tape :

BOPP Bag Sealing Tape is used for PE bags.

PE Bag Sealing tape is used for BOPP bags .

Why ?

When hot knife cut the same materials ,they will be sticked together because high temperature ,so they have to be different materials .


Light Release Bag Sealing Tape is a new kind general Bag Sealing Tape.

Features 1, it is used for both PE and BOPP bags .

Features 2, When tear the liner , no noise and very light .


In the package marketing ,There is another tape named Bag Sealing Tape as well .But they are different thing .


So in our bag sealing tape marketing , We named Resealable Bag Sealing tape for the first kind correctly .

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