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Champion Packing is a packing material company which mainly produce professionally every kind tape ,It is including Resealable bag sealing tape ,Permanent bag sealing tape,Siliconed release liner,Security tape and Tear tape.

We are not only offering tape products ,but offering technology of tape material which is including manufacturing technology and selling to everywhere .We are trying offer the whole supply chain of packing material products .

Champion company have its own factory and another investment factory. Strict attitude, standard technology make our good quality. We do our best to offer the better and better product and offer to our client .

So far we have our professional worker team, sales team, project item of preparing and after selling team, In totally 120people . There are 8 Postgraduates and 6 staffers who are good at small language.

Choosing Champion packing is choosing the golden of packing material business .Action, Stick with us ,we are in a whole roll .


Although we always aim to ensure our actions are free from errors, sometimes you might experience an issue you don’t expect from us. When you are dissatisfied about something, we view this as a complaint and a means to obtain more insight into your preferences and expectations. We therefore value your time taken to report your complaints. By telephone or through the complaints registration form on this website. We will process your complaints quickly, correctly and carefully.

What you can do should you have a complaint

You can inform us that you are dissatisfied with something using one of the following methods:

  • Send us a complaints form
  • Reporting the issue to your regular contact by telephone.

We would like to point out that you must submit a product complaint within a year after the production date.

Keep the following details close at hand:

We would like to receive the following details in order to process your complaint quickly and correctly:

  • Your name and company name;
  • Your telephone number and email address;
  • Description of the complaint;
  • Original order details if possible;
  • The date on which the incident that you are complaining about occurred;
  • Copies of documents that are important with regard to your complaint.

Is it a complaint about a product? We will then need the following additional information:

  • Batch number (see the product label on the shipment case or label in the core where applicable);
  • 2 rolls and/or photos where you can see the issue you are complaining about;
  • The number of rolls/boxes related to the complaint.
  • The photos or video will be better to help to understand more the complaint

What happens after submitting a complaint?

We will register your complaint when it arrives. You will receive an acknowledgment letter within 5 working days by email. This letter contains the complaint registration number. Please refer to this registration number in all correspondence about the complaint.

You will receive our full response to your complaint within 10 working days after the date on the acknowledgment letter. If the complaint is justified, we will process it as described in “How will a justifiable complaint be settled?”. If the complaint is not justified, we will explain why in the letter.

How will a justifiable complaint be settled?

We will pick up the items from your site within 5 working days after the date on the letter in which we have stated that your complaint was justified. You will receive a credit note after having checked the returned items in our warehouse. Sometimes we will not pick up the items for return and only a credit note will be issued within 5 working days.


We believe that quality is a condition and not a distinguishing property. You can, therefore, have every confidence that our tapes are of constant quality with excellent adhesion performance. Our quality policy also focuses on innovative product development, flexible, efficient and food-safe tape production and timely delivery. ISO 22000 quality and food safe guidelines are an important guide within this context. In addition to our controlled processes, our focus is on quality awareness and controls on a daily basis.

Tape production in a dry,no dirty and safe environment

Keep the environment clean,dry,

Continuously aim for operational excellence

An important quality objective is supply chain excellence. We follow our performance in the logistics chain closely. From the way in which we procure raw materials to our delivery reliability. Every step influences the degree in which we supply consistent tapes on time for prices in line with the market to your site. Our aim is “operational excellence” in our order processing, production and logistics departments.

Focus on employee quality awareness

Employees who operate machines and ensure processes are fulfilled determine the difference between good and not so good quality. We, therefore, make them aware of the consequences of their actions and point out the importance of good collaboration. We work on increasing efficient processes and continuously improving quality throughout the entire company by providing knowledge and insights in best practice through training.

Performance of daily quality controls

We produce our tapes in accordance with technical specifications and test them based on AFERA test methods. Depending on the tape type and application, we perform additional tests to guarantee that the tape meets specific industrial and/or customer requirements. Our quality and production departments check quality with regard to the following standard and/or specific properties (this is not an exhaustive list):

• Adhesive strength on steel • Temperature performance
• Adhesive strength on stone • Stretch
• Adhesive strength on film • Delivery speed
• Initial tack • Tensile strength
• Adhesive function

After sales services & Training options


FYI Client Testimonials

  • Email From Mexico

It is a good provider , we have cooperated with sale manager over 10years . they always keep   good quality , on time delivery . no more worry with Champion . Good luck and go far away …

  • Agir from Spain

Champion people is strict atitude on the work , and they support good after service for us,and the bag sealing tape gives us an edge over our competitors ..

  • Patricia from Brazil

Champion company is more concerned with quality than with quantity . factory is not big , but with perfect system .

  • Juan from Poland

the sales have very good patience,they contacted with us over two years ,As a new supplier , finally they get my trust ,and we keep placed half quantity with them .

  • Ceci from UAE

We buy small quantity ,but they are good atitude always to us.we image that we will place bigger order because our customer is satified with our bags .

Manger Oration

Dear friends:

Hello! Welcome to Champion Tape.

I would like on behalf of the company’s staff would like to thank you for your love of CHAMPION BAG SEALING TAPE and support to you my most sincere greetings! “The pursuit of quality, beyond the ordinary” is our concept of “intention to create, the better” is our criteria, we have advanced the corporate positioning and advanced cultural concept of “people-oriented, community first, the source community, back to society” is the Chinese have the highest level of people, and advocate of “unity and hard work, innovation and dedication” of the entrepreneurial spirit, has now become a large manufacturing enterprise.

In recent years, doubling year after year economic benefits of CHAMPION PACKING MATRIALS, the business was flourishing, show a broad development prospects and a better future.

Facing both opportunities and challenges, I will continue to work with all staff, and holding one of the constant in first-class brand, first-class quality and first class service and the community for a better future. Friends in the community in close collaboration with and support, we will win greater victory.

FYI Contact Info


CONTACT:Sunrise Lee

TEL:0755 -23502567

FAX: 0755- 29378330



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