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About Resealable Bag Sealing Tape 

About Resealable Bag Sealing Tape 

Here we are going to talk about somethings about resealable bag sealing tape .
Resealable bag sealing tape was coming from TAIWAN,CHINA in 1990 .in 1990, the whole package materials was building in China . all kinds of business such as clothes plastics bag,pen plastic bags. it sold high cost for one cartons ,the selling price was even ten times than recent’s .Seal king AND Neptune brand is the most famous brand as the leader of bag sealing tape business .They were like brothers at the beginning . In 2000, there are many workers and staffers came out from seal king and Neptune .Then there are one more factory in Shanghai and another one in Dongyang,zhejiang . And Neptune brand in China ,broke up .because of bad administration. The big or small factories of resealable bag sealing tape ,just like the children. In one of two years , there would be one or two children birth from those factories .
Currently ,There are six big factories of bag sealing tape In china , such as seal king , Oker etc .and there are 20-30 small factories . Comparing 1990 ‘s ,now it is a buy’s marketing. Many factories support the lowest price for attracting customers.( But please take care , sometimes you will get the size smaller than what you need . ) The history will leave the good ones,Champion factory in not as big as others ,but we are specialized and support the best service .
The society is improving day by day. Adhesive tape business is going down day by day , because the people’s awareness is higher and higher, and the protecting environment is more and more important day by day . There are two trends. 1. we should improve our techonology ,to make the tape can be resolve.2. we have an idea to change the film to be paper ,and coating the glue on it directly . There is one another day will be coming , when all things is readyed .

(some people named it , back sealing tape )

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