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a star of permanent sealing tape felt down

You are my customer , but I think you are my huckleberry friends more.We had been known each other for over 15 years . One day of feb. this year , you told me you had an order to me . But from then on , I had not any news from you any more .I felt not good , cause something was really unusual . I tried all ways what I can contacted to you before . One day , the phone worked , A girl told me that ,you passed away in the end of Feb .I guessed so , but My tear was out of my control then. 15 years ago , I was just a little girl . You were always nice ,friendly , support me always ! You said you were a good supplier last year, that’s why we had cooperated for so many years. I was happy ,not only because this simple sentence ,but also because you approved me and our tape. Those tapes got no complaints for over 10 years . Thank you for your supporting !Hope you are fine in another worlds .

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